Writer’s Block – 9 Strategies to Help Bloggers Overcome this Annoyance!

Little discourages bloggers more than writer’s block. However, every writer suffers from the condition once in a while. The best thing is to learn how to overcome it.

The important thing here is to not become demoralized and start to think that blogging is not your forte, because there are lots of ways that you can snap yourself out of a block and become motivated once again to write daily posts for your readers.

9 Strategies for Bloggers to Overcome Writer's Block

9 strategies to overcome writer’s block


Exercising regularly will help in getting more blood flowing to the brain, improving your creativity. Visiting the gym or just working on DIY projects around the house can get your blood flowing. Many people find that jogging regularly helps to activate the creative part of the brain.

Change of scenery

Always working in the same environment can lead to boredom, and subsequently, writer’s block. Change up your work place often, and as Darren of Problogger puts it, “You might just find that it gives you a fresh perspective on blogging that will unleash some blogging creativity.” Move to another room in your home, work outside, or try going to a local coffee shop for a change.


The right music works wonders for bloggers. Some inspirational music can keep you going by motivating your creativity. If you are feeling stressed or distracted, keep the volume low and avoid any music with overt vocals — instead find soothing or calming classical or nature sounds to play.

But if you are simply feeling lethargic and don’t have the energy to put pen to paper, then try some music with a good resonating beat that makes you feel alive and ready to write.

Write early in the morning.

After waking up, your brain is still at a Theta mode, the brainwave that your brain is in when in dreamland. It is at this time that the human brain is most creative, meaning you should start with the most complex work early in the morning. Consider waking an hour early to get in blogging time.

What you really need to do is to work out your ‘peak performance’ time… so if you are a night owl, that is when to plan your most productive time of the day for writing, rather than forcing your body to be creative at a time that it wants to rest.


This is highly recommended for those people who have no time or inclination for exercises. Caffeine helps stir up your mind and get the creative juices flowing.

Ensure that what you are working on is the only thing open as some people tend to multitask after drinking coffee and getting that buzz it’s famous for. Multitasking will lead to distractions which will worsen the situation and just cause overwhelm, which is just as bad as writer’s block.

Just start

Do not start by thinking ; just write! The first paragraph is always the hardest, but the more you write down, the easier it becomes. Write anything in the first paragraph, however irrelevant, and edit it later.

Keep a calendar of events or prompts every month of the year that will always give you some ideas for what to write about, then just begin putting your thoughts on paper. You can structure and edit it later. Or go online and see if some event on the social networks or the news makes you want to ‘have your say’ on the subject and then vent on it.

Once you begin to write, what you actually want to write about will begin to flow easier for you.

Never force it

Writer’s block is just like insomnia; the more you force it work, the more frustrated you get. If you get stuck while writing and you’ve tried everything to write without getting past the blank page, try dictating or video recording what you need to say… use another medium, but get away from that blank page or white screen if that is blocking your writing flow today.

Even try calling a friend and talk about the subject and see if they can take some notes for you or something.

Proper Diet

The brain requires proper nourishment for it to remain creative. Your mental output is determined by, among other factors, the food you take. Therefore, make your diet rich in proteins, fresh fruits and antioxidant rich food. Ensure you also drink enough water daily. Artificial stimulants like coffee and cola drinks should be taken in moderation, despite being seen as popular author and blogger tools, they are not to be taken all day every day.


If you are tired mentally, then you are likely to suffer from writer’s block. Always ensure you sleep for a minimum of 7 hours daily. If you need to get rid of writer’s block quickly, then try a quick nap (such as a cat nap).

Even just getting up from your workstation and lying down for 10 minutes will help to raise the blood flow to your brain and ease the pressure on your back and pelvis. This simple process of relaxing your body and taking the pressure off it can help it to loosen up and not be so stressed about experiencing some short term writer’s block.

Do not let writer’s block kill your passion for blogging. You just need to explore the many options open to you, until you find the ones that are most effective for you to help you write more easily every day. The more you can relax and begin to enjoy the process of blogging, the more fun you will have in your enterprise and that always translates into more profitability in your business. Like they say, find a livelihood that is fun for you, and you will never have to ‘work’ another day of your life!


  1. I don’t drink coffee, but I can’t get anything done without my morning Diet Mountain Dew. It’s the caffeine!

  2. These are fantastic tips! Getting up and walking around definitely helps me during the day. And exercise. I get my best ideas when I am exercising!

  3. Great tips and timely advice. I definitely need to figure out how to get over my writer’s block. Hmmm…maybe I’ll take that nap now.

  4. I like the nap idea…a LOT. However, sometimes I just have to push through even if I start writing nonsense it at least gets that part of my brain working.

  5. Thanks for the excellent tips on winning the war against writer’s block. Changing scenery may even mean moving a few things around on the desk or adding a few new photos or cards to the wall beside me. Comfort is definitely an important motivator for me.

  6. I dunno about writing early in the morning…I am NOT a morning person. But napping is a good refresher and always try to do it to upbeat music!

  7. I love these tips. I’ve had a lot of writer’s block lately so I’ll have to try some of these ideas.

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