CoSchedule blogging & social media calendar

CoSchedule Review – Blog & Social Media Calendar Made Easy!

This year, I’m striving for consistency (it’s my 2016 word, yo) in my blogging business, with the help of a blog and social media calendar. I have found a tool that lets me automate things so my accounts are constantly updated without a lot of time or effort from me. That tool is CoSchedule, and this is my review!

CoSchedule blogging & social media calendar

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CoSchedule is the ultimate planning tool for your blog and social media efforts. The editorial calendar gives you a visual representation of the content and shares you have scheduled, so there’s no guess work in what to write or promote.

It literally takes seconds to set CoSchedule up with your WordPress blog, and then you can access it from your dashboard. No need to leave your blog’s admin section to get things scheduled!

This is the calendar over on my parenting blog, Southern Girl Ramblings. I’ve just begun using CoSchedule here on, so I’ll use my other blog for my review.

CoSchedule Editorial Calendar

The days on the calendar are faded out because they have already occurred. I like this because you can quickly refer to your blogging and social media calendar and see what’s been shared as well as future posts and shares you have coming up. This is a drag-and-drop calendar, so you can move things around as you need!

Last week, I planned and published three blog posts and several shares to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+…all from my WordPress dashboard! No more logging into each individual social media account in order to share my posts with readers.

Planning your Blog & Social Media Calendar with CoSchedule

Planning with CoSchedule is easy. When you have a blog post idea or want to schedule social media updates, you simply hover over a day on the calendar, and click the small pencil that appears in the upper right corner of the box.

Create New Post


Your new blog post screen will ask you for a title, and then you will be able to edit the post details.

Edit Blog PostYou can choose the author of this post, change the category, or schedule it for a certain date or time. The number to the right of the title gives you suggestions for better words in your headline (post title) to get more readers to click through and read. You can also move to the post edit screen by clicking “Edit in WordPress”.

Below the blog post section on CoSchedule is a place to schedule your social media shares. This is by far my favorite feature of this tool! I love that I can create social shares for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Tumblr without leaving my WordPress dashboard.

CoSchedule Social Media

From this section, you can schedule shares for the same day you publish, 1 day/week/month from publishing, or choose a custom date and time for your share. I schedule these immediately after I have written a post, so I don’t have to worry about visiting my social media accounts so often…and therefore not get sucked into Facebook or Twitter!

There are many other features offered by CoSchedule besides being just a blog and social media calendar. You can also:

  • Connect your account with Google Docs or Evernote to import blog posts or ideas.
  • Add multiple users for teams that work on the same blog.
  • Have multiple calendars on your account (I currently have two, which are color-coded so I know which one I’m using)
  • Easily locate and plan social media shares for past blog posts

Watch this video to see CoSchedule in action…

CoSchedule is definitely going to help me reach my goals for 2016!

How could CoSchedule help you? What is your favorite feature listed here?

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